This site is meant to help you in two ways:

1) Learn all about the Six Pack Shortcuts product itself

2) Decide if it’s right for you, your goals, and your lifestyle

Here are a few things this site will cover:

  • what you actually get when you purchase
  • how it can specifically help you
  • what results you can expect to see from using it
  • what you’ll actually end up doing if you do buy it

The complete Six Pack Shortcuts Review on the homepage will answer the majority of your questions, but there are also many other pages in the archives with more specific details, too.

John SiffermanAbout The Author

John Sifferman is a health-first fitness coach, and has been teaching, coaching, and training people in various capacities since 2006. John is also the founder of the popular Physical Living site, where he teaches health-first fitness and physical culture to his readers around the world.

John began writing reviews for fitness products and programs over a decade ago and since stumbled into becoming an authority in this area – with a reputation for being brutally honest throughout his comprehensive product reviews. If you want to know the truth about whether a program is not only legitimate, but also whether it’s right for you, then you can’t go wrong with seeking out one of John’s product reviews.