Bodyweight “250” Workout For Chest: The Best of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Videos (Part 18)

In the video below, Mike Chang demonstrates a bodweight workout that he created for training the chest. It’s basically a pushup workout that uses a few uncommon variations of the exercise. Of course, if you’re doing pushups, then you’re also going to be hammering your triceps, shoulders, and your overall core musculature, too. But you already knew that you can’t really isolate a muscle group, right? And yes, you’ll definitely feel it in the chest, too. So, check out the workout. My thoughts are below.

Video Title: Bodyweight 250 Rep Chest Workout
Video Description: In today’s video, we are going to hit our chest with an intense workout that can be done with almost no equipment. Workouts like this can get you one step closer to the ripped body of your dreams… so let’s get it done.

Here’s the workout in a nutshell:

Perform the following 3 exercises for the specified number of reps for as many rounds as it takes, without resting.

Deep Push Ups: 150-200 Reps – Put your feet up on a chair or bench and stack anything you can find that is level, and perform the push up.

Sliding Push Up Flies: 50 Reps – Using two towels, you are going to do a fly to each side by sliding the towel, and one movement to each side is one rep (note: you can also use paper or plastic plates on carpet).

Side To Side Explosive Push Up: 50 Reps – You want to make sure you are going side to side with explosion, so you can put a different type of stress on our muscles (note: if I hear ONE MORE TRAINER use the word “explosion” to describe how to perform an exercise, I’m going to lose it!).

John’s Thoughts

This is not really a “bodyweight chest workout.” It’s really just a snazzy pushup workout. So, as mentioned earlier, it’s going to hit several muscle groups, since the pushup is a full body exercise – and an excellent one at that (good choice, Mike!). And obviously, this will be a pretty effective workout for obliterating the chest muscles because it involves a whopping 300 repetitions, which brings me to my first point. Most guys will not be able to complete the workout as-is. It’ll just be too much.

Oh, wait! What’s that? It’s even too tough for Mike Chang??? After finishing his reps for the second and third exercise, Mike says around the 11:30 mark, “We get dem deep pushups left… 200 reps, that’s a toughie. But…let’s go with 150.”

So, apparently Mike Chang over-estimated the difficulty of the workout and didn’t realize it until he was well into it. On the positive side, at least he admitted it and moved on. On the negative side, I wish Mike would vet his workouts a little better for his viewers. Of course, you can always do less. So, it’s an easy fix. Cut the workout in half, or even less if you have to.

Now, I really like the first two pushup exercises that Mike chose. Performing deep range of motion pushups with your feet elevated is a great variation of the pushup. I also like the sliding variation, too, since it will put a greater emphasis on the chest. The side to side “explosive” pushups, on the other hand, I’m not really a fan. I think there are safer and better pushup variations you can use. For example, a simple side-to-side pushup would suffice and be much lower risk due to the reduced impact.

Oh, and make sure you use a full range of motion not to let your hips sag down like Mike does towards the end.

Final Words

I consider this more of a crucible-type workout – a test reserved for only once in awhile – rather than an average workout you would do semi-regularly. This might be something a high-performing U.S. Marine or special ops soldier might throw into the mix, but it’s probably not the best go-to workout for your average gym trainee. And it’s not because it would be ineffective, per se, it’s just that most people don’t necessarily need to train this hard to get the results they want.

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