Can Vegetarians Use Six Pack Shortcuts Successfully?

I received a comment on my Six Pack Shortcuts Review page, and I thought I’d post my response here.


Hi since you have a complete knowledge. Will you be able to help me out that if they provide day by day exercise in a chart form like how many reps and which day for legs and day for chest and everything???

Also I am a vegetarian who can have eggs and dairy products also will there be diet plan for me too??



Hi Shiva,

To answer your first question, yes, there are detailed exercise instructions on how to complete the workout program – including some day-by-day workout charts in a PDF manual.

Regarding the Zero Willpower Eating Diet that comes with the Six Pack Shortcuts program, I don’t remember much, if any, information about making it work as a vegetarian. As I mentioned in my review, this is primarily a workout program, and the diet stuff is more of an add-on bonus. And honestly, the diet program that’s included is really just a little bit of info to get you started, and I’m pretty sure it was catered to omnivores anyway. So, I doubt you’ll get much help from Six Pack Shortcuts for your specific dietary needs.

If you’re looking for a great resource for the diet and nutrition side of things, I highly recommend the book, Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto. It’s one of the best resources there is on nutrition for body transformation, and it can be adapted to all diets and specific needs (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, low-carb, etc.). I’ve known several vegetarians that have used that program successfully over the years.

So, if you’re sold on Six Pack Shortcuts, but want a more suitable diet program to follow, I’d recommend getting the BFFM book, too. You won’t be disappointed.

Let me know if you have any further questions. I’d be more than happy to help!

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