Is it OK to do other recreation in addition to the Six Pack Shortcuts program?


I got sixpackshortcuts pack, I´m doing now phase 1 for 4 weeks. In the summer I like to play basketball with my friends in the late afternoon, can I do the sixpackshortcuts program and still play basketball in the afternoon as I used to or is it too much exercise and stick with just sixpackshortcut exercises?

– John


Of course you can play basketball, too! And I’d encourage you to do so. If you enjoy it, you’ll get so much more out of b-ball than by just following a workout program.

With the additional physical activity, the main thing you’ll want to keep in mind is your recovery. You’re going to need more rest and recovery if you’re not just training, but playing basketball, too. So, for starters, set a high priority for getting enough rest and sleep. Increase your water intake and do your best to improve your nutrition, too. I’m not talking about a whole diet overhaul, necessarily, but make some changes that will support the increased demands you’re placing on your body. You may need to eat more, or get more protein, or more veggies, etc. Pick one or two things to work on in the beginning, that you know you can stick with, and focus on that until it becomes a habit and you can move onto something else.

Those are the basics, and from there, it’s all about monitoring your results to see if you’re getting enough rest, not training too much, too soon, etc. Use your intuition, and when in doubt, err on the side of rest and recovery. It’s better to skip a workout and spend some time on active recovery than push through a workout you shouldn’t have done in the first place.

And if you find that doing both basketball and Six Pack Shortcuts is too much, then just make a choice about what you’re going to prioritize. If basketball is just a summer thing, and you enjoy doing it, then it’s ok to give that the priority for awhile and get to SPS in the Fall. Just my two cents.


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