Mike Chang’s Extreme 6 Minute Six Pack Abs Workout: The Best of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Videos (Part 17)

If you want a six pack abs workout, then check out this 6 minute abs workout by Mike Chang. Despite the fact that Mike perpetuates the spot reduction myth in this video, he does explain that you’ll have to get rid of your abdominal fat to actually see your six pack abs.

Mike recommends spending no more than 10 minutes on an ab workout, and most of the time he only spends about 5 minutes. And with a non-stop intense workout like this one, six minutes is all you’ll probably need. But I’ll let you be the judge of this particular workout’s effectiveness.

So, here’s the video where Mike explains and demonstrates the six pack abs workout…

Here’s the workout…

Repeat the following circuit four times without resting:
Reverse crunch – 20 reps
Toe touches – 20 reps
Plank – 30 seconds

And it’s as simple as that, and yet, very challenging. Sometimes, people think that they need some super-elaborate training program to achieve their fitness goals, whether it’s to get six pack abs, get stronger, or something similar. If it looks complicated, then it must work, right? Well, not necessarily.

And many times, its the simplest workouts that are the most effective. Try doing as many pull-ups as you can in 10 minutes. Or, lift a sub-maximal weight 100 times before calling it quits. Do as many bodyweight squats in one set as you possibly can (like I did here). Or, hold a plank for five minutes. Yes, five. Just don’t stick your butt up in the air like Mike did.

Now, when it comes to six pack abs workouts, the best ones are going to train your entire core. So, I do like that Mike has included a plank variation in this workout. And he gets brownie points for mentioning that planks train the entire core. That’s true.

But the truth is that if you want great abs – the best abs your genetics can provide – then you’re going to need a strong core. And if you’re going to train for a strong core, then you’re going to need to train your whole core in many different ways (since the core can move in a lot of different ways, e.g. flexion, extension, rotation, etc.). So, any one workout, and especially one that only uses three exercises, probably won’t be enough to get well-rounded and balanced muscle development in the abs department. It just won’t. There’s just too many things the abs are able and meant to do.

So, I’d advise six pack abs seekers to pursue a more broad solution for training their abs, and one that focuses on not just the ab muscles you might see in the mirror, but the entire core musculature.

In that regard, Mike Chang’s program, Six Pack Shortcuts, would be a big step up from merely grabbing a few good ab workouts on Youtube. But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone (e.g. hard workers only – no whiners, complainers, etc.).

Now, you can check out my complete Six Pack Shortcuts Review for more information about Mike’s program. There isn’t a single review on the face of the internet that goes into more detail than mine. I guarantee it.


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  1. Hi mike I often refer to vids for exercises…my deal is I’m weighing at 213 lbs literally almost all fat. I have foot ball coming up and I really want to lose weight but gain muscle. I know to gain muscle you have to consume a lot of calories after weight lifting, and to lose weight you have to consume a lot less calories. I really don’t want to put so much time in the gym if I can’t gain muscle because it all sheds from a low calorie intake. But also don’t want to gain muscle and gain fat from a high calorie intake.I was wondering If I can reach out to you for major help.

  2. hey mike im 86k and wanting to know the most effective way to lose weight

  3. I watch your videos all the time and have been trying to get six pack abs but ive been told I have to lose weight first so I need some pointersif you could help that would be awesome

  4. hi mike I wanna get ripped but the thing is that I have a big belly I was asking is it okay to do weights to get rid of the beer belly of mine.

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