Mike Chang’s Top 20 Killer Ab Exercises: The Best of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Youtube Videos (part 9)

With a product named Six Pack Shortcuts (and a Youtube channel name to go with it), it only makes sense that Mike Chang should have a list of ab-specific exercises that are his go-to choices. To my pleasant surprise, the video below was published just last week showcasing 20 of Mike’s favorite “killer ab exercises.” And it’s ABOUT TIME because he’s been online for how long? Well, actually, I haven’t looked through all 160+ of Mike’s youtube vids yet. So, maybe he’s got some others out there in cyberspace already. But regardless, this short video gives us a glimpse into Mike’s training style, and like some of the past videos I’ve featured in this series, offers yet another example of the type of exercise selection you can expect to see from Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program.

Check it out…

Here’s that list of exercises again (some with different names/descriptions):

  1. [Good ol’] Ab Crunches
  2. Toe Touches
  3. Bicycle Crunches
  4. Crunches With Hands Down The Middle
  5. Swipes (Circular Leg Raises)
  6. Sky-Scrapers (Alternating T-planks)
  7. Half Burpees
  8. Mountain Climbers
  9. Plank – Knee To Elbow
  10. Plank Bridge
  11. Plank – Crossover Knee To Elbow
  12. Plank – Steps (Slow-Mo Mountain Climbers)
  13. Spidermans (Lateral Crawling On Hands/Feet In Pushup Position)
  14. Russian Twists – With Weights
  15. 1-Legged Holds (Single-Leg V-Ups)
  16. Jack-knives (aka V-Ups)
  17. Leg Raises
  18. Side Leg Raises
  19. Retractors
  20. Lying Leg Raises (Reverse Crunch With Hip Kip To Sky)

And hey, there’s actually 20 in this video (unlike last time)!

At this point, I’ve studied Mike Chang’s exercise selection, general workout programming, and training philosophy enough to get a pretty good idea of how he trains. Not to put him in a box or anything, but if I could describe a glimpse of his training style based on what I’ve seen from some of his videos, it generally involves high-intensity exercise, body part split routines, via traditional/conventional gym and home workouts – many with “new twists” on old-school exercises and training protocols.

Now, here’s the thing. I do not even recognize some of the movements he uses, which either reveals my own ignorance or Mike’s ingenuity to create new exercises for his customers. But needless to say, Mike does things a little differently than the norm, and that’s probably a good thing in some ways. But now that I’ve seen yet another of his exercise demonstration videos, and footage of him performing exercises himself, I must confirm a growing suspicion I’ve had for awhile now.

Truth be told, I suspected this upon first watching one of Mike’s training videos, and more research has confirmed to me that Mike has got a lot of residual muscle tension all throughout his body (who doesn’t, right?). The problem is that this tension is inhibiting Mike’s performance in these exercises, making it difficult, if not impossible to perform some exercises with proper technique. And this comes as no surprise to me because body part split training tends to encourage this negative side effect. So, while Mike has a magazine-cover worthy physique, he’s got some serious ROM issues due to all the tension, immobility, inflexibility, etc. If you have an eye for this, then when you watch his videos, you’ll notice it most obviously in the hips/lower back area, but it’s all throughout his system.

Now, that’s not the end of the world necessarily, but it definitely has some downsides – not just for health, but performance, among other things. And you should know about them before you invest in Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program. So, it’s not all sunshine and roses, and just because you feel pumped after watching a cool exercise montage with snazzy music, doesn’t mean you’ll be feeling pumped when you can’t scratch your own back a few months from now.

And hey, I’ve been there. I followed a classic bodybuilding split routine right out of Flex magazine for nearly a year. I packed on the muscle, but it also left me less flexible and unable to move well. I didn’t like it. So, I gave up bodybuilding-style training and haven’t looked back. But just because it’s not my thang, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be yours. Just be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. If Mike Chang himself – a personal trainer – is experiencing these issues, then it’s likely normal guys who follow his program will, too.

So, the take-home lesson here is that training like Mike may yield you a magazine-worthy physique, but it may also lead to increased tension all throughout your body, and all the other issues that come along with that. And the other take-home lesson is that the Six Pack Shortcuts Youtube channel isn’t exactly the first place I’d go for exercise technique tips. Just sayin’.

But that said, there are a lot of good things about Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program, and you can learn all about them here: Six Pack Shortcuts Review.

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