New Chest And Back Home Workout: The Best of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Videos (Part 27)

In the video below, you’ll see Mike Chang, who is a popular Youtube fitness celebrity and the creator of the Six Pack Shortcuts program, take you through a 150-rep home workout for your chest and back – using just a backpack and a towel.

Video Title: Chest & Back Home Workout – 150 Rep Challenge

Description (summarized): The biggest downside to working out at home is that you may not have all the equipment you need. So today, I’m going to show you how you can do a COMPLETE chest and back workout using only a backpack and a towel. And I know you got both these thing lying around so go grab your backpack and a towel and follow along with me today.

Workout Breakdown:
1) Weighted Push Ups
2) Lying Down Towel Rows
3) Burpees

– Now, how we’re going to do this is we’ll start with 10 Weighted Push Ups then do 10 Lying Towel Rows and do those back-to-back 5 times. (that will be 100 reps btw!)
– Then, we’ll knock out 50 Burpees when we’re done. You’ll be tired at this point, but keep going until you get 50.

Here’s the workout…

Repeat 5X:
Weighted pushups w/ backpack – 10 reps
Lying towel rows w/ backpack – 10 reps

Then complete 50 burpees in as few sets as possible (no backpack).

John’s Thoughts

I wouldn’t call that a “COMPLETE chest and back workout.” More like a, “I’ve got no time and no equipment and I need to do something – anything – to work my musclez – workout.” And just between you and me, I think that anyone who relies on a workout like this to keep them in shape probably isn’t in shape. But I digress.

Now, it’s true that if you’re in a pinch, it’s better to do something than nothing. Obviously, doing this would be better than sitting on your butt all day eating potato chips and ice cream.

Pushups are a great exercise, weighted or otherwise. And they should be a staple in most fitness programs. Lying towel rows is a new one for me. It’s kinda wacky, but I tried it. It’s like a combination between a weighted superman (from the backpack), an isometric hold (with the towel), and a vertical pulling movement. It’ll be as tough as you make it, but I have a feeling that it’ll be really tough for people with poor shoulder mobility since you’ll be in a pretty deep range of motion.

It’ll tire you out, for sure, but it won’t be the best back exercise for the long term. And it’s not something I’d use regularly. Maybe as an assistance exercise at the end of your normal workout for bringing up a weak point. But then again, I’d probably use something different. And besides, if you’re able, I’d recommend that you do some pull-ups or rows instead (or variations of them).

Burpees are great if you do them properly.

Note: Here are 5 beginner-level burpee exercises.

So, in my opinion, it’s not the best workout Mike Chang has ever shared. But it will get your heart rate up and burn some calories, among other things. And surprisingly, this is one of the more popular videos that Mike has shared. I guess a big chunk of his subscribers are interested in home workouts.

Now, if you like Mike’s Youtube videos, then you’ll probably love the Six Pack Shortcuts program, which is much more comprehensive and balanced than this workout. And just between you and me, if you’re messing around with workouts like this, then you need a program. So, if you’d like more information on it, you can check out my complete Six Pack Shortcuts Review.

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