The 5/5/5 Upper Body Bodyweight Workout: The Best of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Videos (Part 25)

Below, you’ll find a bodyweight workout by Mike Chang that will train your upper body – specifically, your chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, and abs. All you need is a pull-up bar and some floor space. So, this is a great one for doing at home or the gym.

Video Title: Mike’s 5/5/5 Workout -The 20 Round Challenge

The 5/5/5 Upper Body Bodyweight Workout for the Chest, Shoulders, Back, Biceps, Triceps, and Abs

Instructions: Perform the following circuit nonstop for 20 rounds. Rest only if necessary.

5 Pushups
5 Pull-ups (or chin-ups, in Mike’s case)
5 Hanging leg raises

Notes: Mike didn’t say this, but feel free to change the repetition amounts based on your needs. Make sure that each repetition amount you choose is less than 50% of your max. You can also do less rounds if 20 is too tough for you. And of course, you can adjust the difficulty of the exercises, if necessary.

John’s Thoughts

I like this workout! It’s simple, can be done with minimal equipment, and it uses three great exercises. Is it the end-all, be-all of upper body bodyweight workouts? No. But it’s a good simple workout all the same that won’t take very long to complete and will have a wide variety of benefits: strength, endurance, cardiovascular, etc.

You’ve got both upper body pushing and pulling movements. And leg raises are one of the best exercises for the abs and core, in general.

Plus, not only can the workout be easily scaled to your conditioning level (doing more or less reps and/or rounds, resting more or less, etc.), but all three exercises can be easily modified, too. You can do assisted pull-ups, negative reps, or hold a flexed-arm hang in place of the pull-ups. You can do knee pushups or wall pushups. And you can do hanging knee raises or reverse crunches instead of the leg raises.

Not only will this workout help you build strength and muscle in your upper body, but it’ll also help you lose fat, too. The nature of doing nonstop strength training like this will turn up your metabolic furnace to burn calories long after you’ve finished training. So, like I said, it’s a great all-around fat burning, muscle building workout that you can do anywhere you have a pull-up bar.

Now, as I’ve said many times before, I wouldn’t necessarily look to Mike Chang for direction on exercise technique. Actually, scratch that. Don’t even think about modeling his technique! I’d highly recommend that you learn to do the exercises not only properly, but optimally – so that you can safely train for the long term. You’ll have a hard time training for the long term if you don’t perform your pull-ups through a full range of motion, and strain your neck during leg raises.

So, be sure to take exercise technique seriously. You can thank me later.

You can learn the pushup here: How to do Pushups (optimally). And the pull-up here: How to do Pull-ups (optimally).

And if you’re interested in learning more about Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program, check out my complete review where I cover the many pros and cons here: Six Pack Shortcuts Review.

Check out this comment that was left on my review page not too long ago…

Six Pack Shortcuts Review - Bob's Testimonial
Thanks, Bob!

That, right there, is why I do what I do!


How Working Out Helps You Become More Successful At Everything Else You Do: The Best of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Videos (Part 24)

This is probably the easiest post I’ve ever written for this website.

Six Pack Shortcuts founder, Mike Chang, is a pretty controversial guy. And from what I can tell, most people either love him or hate him.

Now, I’m not one to choose a side, but I haven’t exactly been hesitant to point out some instances where I disagree with some of Mike’s training philosophy and methods, and you can find various examples of that in the many articles I’ve posted on this site. But today, I want to share one of Mike’s videos where I actually dig pretty much everything he has to say. He hits the nail on the head, and I couldn’t agree more.

This is really good stuff, and I think it would be well-worth your time to watch this message from Mike. Check it out.

Video Title: How Working Out Makes You More Successful

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Physical training and the fitness lifestyle makes you better at everything else you do in life because it makes you better at being you. On top of that, physical transformation is often the catalyst for personal transformation. And in my experience, it’s the most consistent and most effective catalyst for success that I’ve ever witnessed. It just works every time, even if you’re not trying!

Not only that, but it provides you with a blueprint for goal achievement, which is a universal life skill. Obviously, if you get better at the process of goal achievement, you’re better able to achieve anything else you might want in life – not just your health and fitness goals.

It’s quite simply one of the best investments you could ever make – that pays off immediately, in the short-term, and in the long-term. So, make sure it’s being given the priority it needs in your life because you’re worth it. There’s a lot more I could say on this subject, and I have many times before, but I think I’ll leave it at that.

Note: you can click here to read my complete Six Pack Shortcuts Review.

Home Workout to Bulk Up Your Biceps and Chest: The Best of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Videos (Part 23)

I’ve gotta give Mike Chang credit. He definitely provides a wide selection of home workouts for his fans. Good for him. Not everyone has access to a local gym or could even afford one. Plus, some people just don’t know how to make the time to go to the gym (including the commute), and they’re much more likely to do a quick workout at home. And the reality is that this is a lot better than nothing.

Now, in this workout, you’ll find a moderate to high intensity bicep and chest workout that also includes some core demands as well. Check it out.

Video Title: Home Chest & Bicep Workout

Video Description: Hey Guys, Mike Chang here and I want to welcome you to my home for a crazy chest and bicep workout. This workout is really going to help bring out the definition in your chest, biceps and even your abs. Definition is the key to looking ripped and muscular, along with the intensity of this workout you’re really going to see your chest and arms pumped up.

Home Chest and Bicep Workout Summary

Instructions: Repeat the following circuit as many times you can for 10 minutes, resting for 15-30 seconds between rounds/circuits (no rest between exercises):

4 second pushups – 10 reps
Dumbbell bicep curls on knees – 10 reps
Dynamic pushups – 10 reps
Dumbbell front raises (underhand grip) – 10 reps

Mike suggests “doing this workout a couple of times a week to really get your chest and biceps huge.” I don’t know how “huge” you’ll get from it, but it’s a decent little workout for the right person. Just don’t expect to win the Mr. Universe title anytime soon if this is one of your go-to workouts.

John’s Thoughts

Don’t think for a minute that knee pushups can’t be hard. Or, even worse, that they’re “girl pushups.” As if. They can be very challenging, especially when they’re done in a circuit fashion like this. That said, if they’re too easy, you can always do regular pushups, or decline pushups with your hands elevated on a bench or step. Or, wear a weight vest or backpack. Going slowly during the lowering phase is a great way to build muscle. So, this is a good one!

Now, I don’t know why Mike insists on doing the bicep curls and dumbbell raises on your knees. Why not just do them standing? It’s a more practical and functional position – not to mention that it’ll be a little easier on your knees, too. Of course, you can do them any way you like. We’re talking a relatively trivial detail here, in the grand scheme of things. But eventually, details do start to matter (like once you get older)

Dynamic pushups are a new one for me. I’ve seen this type of thing done in some of those calisthenics free-style competitions, but never as a conditioning exercise. I’m not sure how this targets the chest any more than regular pushups (other than that they’re done with a fast, almost plyometric tempo), but I can see that it’ll work the legs and core in a unique way. Props.

Front raises are a little bit outside of my usual recommendations because I think there are much better ways to train the chest and shoulders, but they’re certainly not a bad exercise. Just don’t do them like Mike does in this video. Keep your shoulders packed down (ie stabilized on your torso), and don’t strain your neck either. Always maintain good spinal alignment.

I do like that Mike recommends setting a timer to do this workout for 10 minutes total. I’ve found this to be a great mental strategy for fitting a lot of work into a short workout. Because the fact is, if you’ve only got 10 minutes to train, then you’d better make it count.

Now, if you enjoyed this workout, then you’ll probably love Mike Chang’s complete workout program. And lucky for you, I put together a complete, and most importantly, honest Six Pack Shortcuts Review to help you figure out if it’s right for you or not.

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