The [REAL] Best Way to do Tricep Extensions

Today, I’m going to share one of Mike Chang’s most recent videos where he gives some tips on the best way to do tricep extensions. As usual, my thoughts are below. Check it out.

Video Title: The Best Way To Do Tricep Extensions

Video Description: It’s Mike, and today I’m going to give you a quick tip about tricep extensions. I’ve done this exercise for so many years, but I’ve found one way that consistently hits my triceps better than all of the others. Listen up because tips like this can help you get the ripped, muscular body you’ve always dreamed about.

We’ll see about that…

So, that’s Mike’s way. And to my surprise, I actually agree with him on (most) of what he said. In case that didn’t sink in… You heard me right. I actually think that I agree with more of what he said than I disagree with, which might actually be a first for a Mike Chang video – at least, for me.

Mike advises you to keep your elbows in tight to your sides. Don’t use momentum. Focus on the triceps. Go to full extension. And this is actually good stuff, for a change. And believe me, I know. This is shocking because this might actually be the first time that I think Mike got an exercise’s technique pretty close to optimal (at least of all the videos I’ve seen so far). But here’s the thing: do you want to know the [real] best way to do tricep extensions?

note: my big fat opinion is coming in 3, 2, 1…


Seriously, don’t do them. At least, not unless you’re an advanced bodybuilder (ie you actually compete) and you need an isolation exercise like this to further refine your already fantastic tricep development. And if that’s you, then great! Go for it. But if I may ask, what in the world  are you doing watching Youtube videos about this? Oh, that’s right. Pro bodybuilders don’t watch Mike Chang’s Youtube videos for advice!

All kidding aside, I think the real issue here is that for tricep development, most people should not be focusing on an isolation exercise, such as the triceps extension, which targets the relatively small muscle group in an inefficient, ineffective, and altogether impractical movement pattern. To put it bluntly, you probably shouldn’t be using this exercise – period. And you definitely shouldn’t be using it if you’re neglecting the many other great tricep-developing exercises and movements – like all of the various presses, for instance (pushups, parallel-bar dips, handstand pushups, overhead presses, dumbbell bench presses, etc.). Heck, as specialized as it is, even the narrow-grip bench press is a vastly superior exercise to tricep extensions.

Suffice to say, we need to stop debating the minutia. So, please, stop looking for tips and tricks concerning trivial details of trivial exercises. And don’t you dare ask me anything about the triceps extension if you can’t do 50 pushups with good technique. And don’t even think about optimizing the minutia of a trivial exercise until after you’ve optimized the subtle details of the important exercises. You’ll get better results and save yourself a lot of trouble later.

Help! Before I Order Six Pack Shortcuts… (Q+A)


Hi John, this is Ruben (name removed). I just read your review of Six Pack Shortcuts and I really like it, but I was going to ask you… What other programs can you recommend to me given that I’m totally clueless about fitness and nutrition. And yes, as most people, I’m poor supporting family and going to school and I do want to purchase the program, but first I need to learn the basics and the right way to do things because I cannot afford to get an injury. As you mentioned in the review, if you don’t know your stuff first you can easily get injured with this program. And also I was going to ask you what do you recommend I do when I purchase the program – after I learn all the basics to get the most out of my money – like in the review you mentioned that there is a hidden extra charge for the second month for being in a special group.

I know this is a lot of questions, but I prefer to wait and learn the right things instead of just jumping at it. Thank you for your time John. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day.



Hi Ruben,

For learning proper technique with all of the various exercises, the best free site I know of is There will be a tutorial for the vast majority of exercises inside of the Six Pack Shortcuts program, and the instructions are usually simple and to the point. I’d refer there if there’s ever any doubt about how to perform a certain exercise.

And other than that, there are a lot of directions I could point you, but I’d probably start with Tom Venuto’s book, Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle (recently released in hardcover edition). That’s the single best body transformation system currently available, in my opinion. And for your dollar, I don’t think there’s a better investment you could make. You can read my full endorsement here, and my Amazon review here, if you’re interested.

re: monthly subscription

My understanding is that after you buy Six Pack Shortcuts, you have 30 days to use the bonus materials and additional services. It’s a 30-day free trial. So, as long as you cancel the monthly subscription within 30 days, you won’t be charged again. All you’ll have to do is send an email in to the SPS customer support and request that they cancel your subscription.

During my product testing period, I contacted the Six Pack Shortcuts customer support a couple of times – both by phone and email – and they handled the issues just fine. So, I’m sure it would be no trouble trying to get the monthly subscription canceled as long as you have your customer information in front of you (e.g. order number).

If you have any further questions, just let me know – happy to help.

Best regards,

John Sifferman

Six Pack Shortcuts - Bundle

Will you become a swole ninja from this workout? The Best of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Youtube Videos (part 22)

Below, you’ll see a video where Mike Chang demonstrates a “swole ninja” workout using some bodyweight exercises and a heavy backpack for added resistance – perfect for the home gym trainee or the traveling workoutaholic. Check it out…

Video Title: The Swole Ninja Workout

Video Description: Hey Guys! In this video I am going to show you how to take your backpack and simple exercises and use them to get ripped right in time for the beach season!

Here’s the workout summary:

Repeat 5-10X (less if you’re a beginner, more if you’re advanced):
Push ups (10-20 reps)
Squats (10-20 reps)
Close grip push ups (10-20 reps)
Alternating Lunges (10-20 reps)

John’s Thoughts

I like this workout. It’s a decent, simple standalone workout you can do at home or on the road if you have access to a backpack and something to put in it for added weight (e.g. bags of rice, water bottles, books, weight plates, your harmonica collection, etc.).

Is this a balanced and periodized complete workout program? Of course not! None of Mike’s Youtube vids are.

But for what it is, this one is all right.

Of course, it would be irresponsible of me not to mention that you should use proper technique during all of the exercises. And in particular, do not – I repeat, do not – perform your squats the way Mike does in this video. Just don’t. Call me the form police or a technique Nazi, but that was very poor squat form…too wide of a stance, knees bowing in, limited ROM…’nuf said.

Also, let me just say that 5 rounds of this would be a challenging workout even for many advanced trainees. So, feel free to totally change the overall volume of the workout. I mean, let’s say you put 24 pounds of rice into your backpack, and then did 10 rounds of this workout at 20 reps a piece (heh, if you could). That would be 200 squats, 400 pushups, and 400 lunges – with 25 extra pounds attached to your torso. And yes, that adds up to a thousand reps, which is something I can see some elite Navy SEALs doing for “fun,” but not your average Youtube exercise enthusiast. Heck, even half of that volume would be excessive for most trainees.

So, if you can’t do 20 reps, do 10. And if 10 is too many, then drop the backpack entirely. And if you can’t do 10 reps of each exercise, then you have no business putting this into a circuit and doing multiple rounds of it. But you know this stuff already. Obviously, this is just a generic workout video on Youtube. So, if you’re going to use it, make it personal. Scale it to your conditioning level and don’t feel that you must do the max recommended workout at all costs, when a fraction of that workout could get you excellent results in-and-of-itself. Train smarter, not harder.

Now, if you enjoyed this type of workout and you do want a periodized, balanced, complete workout program, then Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shorcuts program may suit the bill. Check out my Six Pack Shortcuts Review if you’d like to find out if it’s right for you – your needs, goals, and unique circumstances.

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