Can You DESTROY Belly Fat With This Ab Workout? – The Best of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Youtube Videos (part 2)

Well, I was going to have you check out Mike’s 2nd most popular video on Youtube that has over 9 million views (as of today, that is), but it turns out that this video was not all that different from the first video I critiqued yesterday (see here). And there really isn’t all that much more to say. It’s simply another marketing video with zero content/information/value whatsoever. The entire goal of the video is to get you to go visit his website and watch his sales presentation, where he discusses the Afterburn Training Strategy, and then pitches you his product.

So, I decided to jump to another one of his videos to help you get to know Mike’s work a little better. I chose his video titled “5 min belly fat DESTROYER.”

How’s that for sensationalism? Check it out…

So, the workout is a five minute circuit of this…

Mountain climbers – 30 seconds
Plank (top of pushup position) – 30 seconds
Knee to elbow crunches – 30 seconds

Now, for an ab workout, it’s not a bad little circuit, and obviously, it’ll be tough to perform non-stop for 5 minutes. This isn’t something I’d necessarily come up with myself because I don’t use the body part split training method that bodybuilders have popularized, and I don’t like to isolate the abs, or any other muscle group for that matter. But for those who train with body part splits, this isn’t a terrible option for abs, and I’ll hold my tongue on how I think it could/should be improved.

And I’ll also be nice when critiquing Mike’s technique in the video, but not that nice. If Mike was just some kid uploading videos with workout suggestions that he’s tried in his parents basement, that would be one thing. But given his popularity on Youtube, he has become an authority on the subject of exercise, and at the very least, should exhibit proper technique when teaching his viewers how to exercise safely.

You see, I’m not just a fitness critic, I’m a fitness coach by trade. And I don’t know about all of my other colleagues, but some of the technique demonstrated wasn’t exactly great. And I found it funny that he cranked up the music volume with his video editing software towards the end of the video, as if that would somehow distract from his poor mountain climber technique. Heck, even his plank technique could use some work, but I won’t nitpick.

Now, maybe this is just an isolated case. He could have been having a bad day, or maybe he should have practiced these exercises a bit more before demonstrating them in a high intensity workout. So, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. But needless to say, millions of people have seen that video, and if they don’t know any better, have been misled about what proper technique looks like in those exercises.

But this brings up an interesting point that we can all draw from. For fat loss purposes, one can do practically any kind of exercise, and it will contribute to fat loss. Now, obviously, some kinds of exercise are more effective than others, but the general rule is that if you exercise vigorously, then chances are you will burn fat as a result. And a 5 minute non-stop workout like this definitely counts as vigorous – even high intensity depending on your conditioning level. And given that this is a “belly fat destroyer” (as silly as that sounds because nobody can destroy belly fat), that’s exactly what this workout is for (ie fat loss). So, it’s true to it’s name. Of course, he could have chosen practically ANY exercises or physical activity, in general, and could claim that it DESTROYS belly fat, but I digress.

Honestly, I can’t say it’s a terrible workout or anything like that. I would certainly have come up with something different (maybe a warmup, cooldown, and greater variety of movements because I’m not a “muscle training” guy, but a “movement training” guy), but any fitness coach or trainer would do that. In the beginning, something is always better than nothing. And a poor workout performed with high effort always beats a great workout performed with poor effort.

So, as much as I don’t like the sensationalism in the title, or the poor technique demonstrated in the exercises themselves, I can’t be overly critical. It is what it is, and hopefully, it’s making a difference in people’s lives.

Note: my review of Six Pack Shortcuts is ready and waiting for you to learn the truth about this program.

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  1. one of the best techniques i have seen in a long while, i will definitely get MIKE video, plus my husband used to play ruby, and when he saw this video its exactly the type of workout they used to used, now he is going to get back into his ruby exercises, thanks to your review. THANK YOU MIKE it was good to have a peek preview of whats to come. Thank you fitness coarch by trade,if it was not for you i would not off gotten to see ONE of the very BEST workout programmes to lose weight. After trying so many different things.

  2. I am still on the frist stage but I am getting some risolets

  3. I do 2 workouts a week on Sunday and Saturday and I am Cheating on my diet but I am still getting rissoles

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