The Least Sexy, Most SANE Chest Sculpting Exercise You’ve Ever Seen In The History Of The Internet: The Best of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Youtube Videos (part 7)

I’m only 7 videos into this series, and I’m already starting to tire of these Youtube video titles.

Seriously, the video below is titled, “crazy 3 min chest exercise.”

Now, I know enough about marketing to know that this title isn’t just a description, but a headline. It’s meant to get people to click on the video in any way possible. The end always justifies the means to get more views on Youtube. So, I’m sure the crew at Six Pack Shortcuts is constantly testing their video titles, since they’re really more like headlines, to see what works best. Perhaps that can explain the lack of capitalization, abbreviations, and sometimes nonsensical video titles I’ve seen just in this short series.

But anyways, my point being that there is nothing “crazy” about the exercise in the following video, and it doesn’t take 3 minutes to complete it either. So, at the very least, the video title is misleading, which leads me to believe that the company behind it may also conduct other misleading/untrustworthy practices. On top of that, this kind of sensationalistic marketing is an aspect of the fitness and weight loss industry that really irritates me, but I’ll cry about it later.

Anyways, here’s the video, which showcases an exercise that isn’t all that bad, and one that I used myself back in my bodybuilding days.

Now, if you know anything about traditional fitness training and bodybuilding, then you’d know that this is just a form of chest flys using a set of pulleys. I’d probably call it a variation of a cable/pulley upward fly. And there’s nothing particularly crazy or sexy about it. And honestly, I wouldn’t even say that it’s a particularly effective exercise for “sculpting” the pecs in-and-of-itself – definitely not better than presses and pushups, as Mike might have you believe. Now, combined with a more broad training program, sure. I can see that.

But do you see what I’m saying here. When you read between the lines of what this video actually presents, it’s just a demonstration of one decent exercise for chest development. When you cut through all the nonsense and ignore the hype in the title, description, etc., you realize that there’s nothing special about it at all. This won’t rock your world. It’s just an isolation exercise for the pecs using one type of gym equipment through one specific range of motion. But give it a sensational title and hype it up a bit, and it magically transforms into all your hopes and dreams on a silver platter.

And hey, for an instructional video, where are the specific technique instructions? I mean, seriously. The main gist of it is covered, but most of it is left to the discerning (or undiscerning) viewer. I mean, the camera guy doesn’t even show different angles, which might be useful for… I don’t know… VISUAL learners who are watching a video… using their vision. So, as a prospective customer, it would make me wonder if this lack of attention to detail is also present in the Six Pack Shortcuts product, too. It also makes me wonder how many clients Mike Chang has really trained.

That said, the video isn’t all bad. I do agree with Mike that burning fat is usually the best way to define your musculature. Less fat usually means more visible muscle since excess bodyfat tends to be stored on top of our musculature.

Anyways, this is just food for thought. It’s becoming apparent to me that I’m not really a fan of some of the Six Pack Shortcuts videos on Youtube. But hey, the product videos could be different. One can hope, right?

Update: the product videos are quite different, but probably not for the reasons you may think. You can learn more about Mike Chang’s program in my complete Six Pack Shortcuts review.

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