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UPDATE: My complete, unadulterated review of Six Pack Shortcuts has finally been published! I know, it’s taken me six months to git’r done, but I think it was worth the wait (and the work – holy cow!). After reading it, you’ll never look at Mike Chang the same way again.

Welcome to my Six Pack Shortcuts review site. This website’s entire purpose is to offer you some insider information on the Six Pack Shortcuts program through a comprehensive and detailed product review, and ultimately, help you decide if this program is right for you. I just got the program myself recently and can tell there’s a lot to look through – with hours and hours worth of materials to cover. So, it’s going to take a little bit of time. See what I mean?

Six Pack Shortcuts Review - Product Package

What I’m mainly interested in finding out is…

– Is this program legitimate or is it just another scam product? If there’s one thing I can tell from my preliminary research, it’s that Mike Chang’s work and his Six Pack Shortcuts program come under a lot of scrutiny, and there is a lot of division and controversy surrounding him in the fitness industry. No doubt because of some of his marketing tactics. I’ll have a close look under my magnifying lens and get to the bottom of it.

– Can Six Pack Shortcuts actually help people, and if so, who would be best-served by it? It might work great for some people and be totally worthless for others. So, I’m going to figure out who Six Pack Shortcuts is best for.

– What’s inside the program, and what do you actually get when you buy (plus, what will you have to DO after you buy) – long videos, short videos, how-to guides, manuals, progress tracking charts, coaching. I’m going to look at all of it and fill you in on all the nitty-gritty details.

– What kind of quality and professionalism went into this program? Was it thrown together over a weekend and uploaded to a server, or was it created with quality and professionalism in mind? And ultimately…

– Is it worth the money (is it a high value product?)? This is the crux of a good product review – is it worth it? Naturally, this will take into account all the factors I look into: the pros, cons, and everything in between to ultimately help you decide if this program is right for you (which is kindof the whole point of this website!).

My prediction for Six Pack Shortcuts: Review Prediction

If I had to guess… Based on my first impressions after previewing the product materials, I have fairly good expectations for Six Pack Shortcuts. However, I have seen a few red flags that leave me cause for concern. A couple examples of these are:

a) outrageous claims made in videos and video titles (admittedly, I’ve only watched a few of Mike’s vids).

b) the title of the product is Six Pack Shortcuts, which is hopefully just a play on words because there aren’t really any shortcuts for getting six pack abs. We’ll see about that one.

c) a little birdy told me that Mike Chang’s Youtube account has had a history with been deactivated and even suspended and/or deleted because of some problems with deceptive content. I haven’t read into it yet, but it is just another cause for concern that raises the “possible scam” flag.

And that’s exactly why I’m going to get to the bottom of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Program. In the coming days, I will be posting information all about it and will eventually get my complete, detailed, and most importantly, HONEST product review published as the final word on whether this program is worth your time, money, and trust – or not.

And if you don’t believe me, and are just assuming that this is just another review site that is going to hard-sell you on the program for the sake of making affiliate sales off of what the general public doesn’t know (note: see the affiliate earnings disclaimer below), then I’d encourage you to check out some of my other product reviews online. I’ve published a few dozen so far. It’s true that most of them are fairly positive because I tend to only review products that I think I’ll like, but some of them are very negative, too – products that I had high expectations for that just weren’t met. And ultimately, I don’t recommend those products and I’m up front about that in my reviews.

The jury is still out on whether Six Pack Shortcuts is legit, high quality, and high value, but you can rest assured that the verdict is coming soon, and it will dead-beat honest and based on a careful analysis of everything. If it’s garbage, you’ll know it. My opinion cannot be bought, and I wouldn’t put my reputation on the line to make a few bucks.

A quick note about me and why I created this review site

My name is John Sifferman and I’ve been a personal trainer and fitness coach since 2006. I started training people one-on-one and in small groups in a local health club in Southern NH, but eventually broke away and starting training people in local parks, and in homes around the Southern New Hampshire area. I’ve also been publishing articles about health-first fitness and physical culture at my website www.PhysicalLiving.com since 2008 . Since then, I’ve established myself as an expert in reviewing fitness products and programs – with a reputation for being brutally honest and critical, especially of programs that make big claims.

Now, I’ve been seeing ads, Youtube videos, and hearing stories about Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program for awhile now, and especially a lot the past few months. I don’t know if he’s starting some new marketing campaign or what, but this guy is EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I can’t even log onto Youtube without seeing him in an ad or in related/suggested videos. On top of that, even my Physical Living readers have started asking me some questions about his program. So, since I don’t really know anything about it, I’ve finally decided to give it a look-see to find out what all the hubbub is about. There are an insane amount of bogus products and programs being sold online – particularly in the fitness and weight loss markets – and naturally, I’m extremely skeptical of programs that claim to deliver amazing results (especially with the word “shortcuts” in the title). So, I decided that I would closely examine and scrutinize Six Pack Shortcuts and see if it’s really worth all the attention it’s getting and whether or not it can actually help you burn fat and reveal six pack abs.

I just got the program recently, and have barely looked at any of the materials. But I have seen that there’s a lot to cover (it’s certainly not one of those ridiculous 100 page ebooks that you can read in a couple hours). So, I’m going to spend plenty of time watching and reading through all of the materials before I write up my complete product review. In the mean time, I’ll be posting some info about Mike Chang and Six Pack Shortcuts to keep you in the loop until everything is ready. If you know me, then you know I don’t just whip up a product review overnight like many of the other internet marketers do. Heck, that’s half the reason why I decided to make this review site in the first place. Out of the handful of Six Pack Shortcuts reviews I found and read online, none of them were actually helpful, and NONE of them answered even the most basic questions from a prospective customer. Now, I assure you that my Six Pack Shortcuts review site will change that, and you’ll quickly understand why I’ve built a reputation for being honest and critical whenever I review a fitness product or program. Just take a look at any of my other product reviews available online (see links in the footer for some GREAT programs I’ve reviewed in the past – and some not-so-great ones, too).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. When you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. So, please enjoy your stay here, peruse the archives when they’re made available, and if you have any questions about Six Pack Shortcuts, please let me know. I’m all ears. And please don’t hesitate to contact me and introduce yourself, especially if you have specific questions or concerns that you’d like me to cover in the complete Six Pack Shortcuts review. I’d really love to hear from you!

You can also check out the About Page for more info about yours truly.

Note: The Six Pack Shortcuts Review is now live.

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